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Joleen Smith, LMT has been treating patients for auto accidents for fifteen years.  She has great understanding of soft tissue injuries and skeletal issues.  Her experience  gives her vast knowledge of pain patterns that develop with whiplash and other collision related issues.      

Her advanced training, and her caring nature makes her very effective at providing pain relief and improving range of motion.     

Main modalities used are deep tissue, myofascial, craniosacral, orthopedic massage, neuromuscular massage and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).

She has great success in treating whiplash, shoulder/neck injuries, low back pain and wrist/arm soft tissue injuries.  She is known for getting to muscles/tendons that others may have missed.. 

Her massage education is from some of the top teachers in the industry.

Auto Accident  patients' require a referral form from their Doctor, and then Joleen bills the insurance company.   If you need a Dr's referral,  Urgent Care Centers or your primary Doctor can provide one.  




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