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Trying to put into words how amazingly professional and skilled Joleen  is in her craft and the knowledge of muscle movement and injury is very difficult to describe. Where would I be without her. Joleen is one in a million and I am so thankful for everything she has done for me. Here is my 2014 I was in a motor vehicle accident where I had a thoracic spinal injury caused by being hit multiple times. I was sent to physical therapy for 4 months where they used ultra sound, massage, exercises and bicycle rowing with no help or relief. I was referred to Joleen and my life changed dramatically. I wasn't able to move my neck left or right up or down and my arms would go numb. Joleen listened to me and the issues I was having which is very important to recovery. Joleen did some exercises with me to figure out my range of motion placed me on her special table that is very comfortable and did her magic. Every session is different she uses different techniques including stretching and myofascial work. I have had many massages but it is very evident the difference between Joleen's knowledge of the human body and others. This is no typical massage. Joleen also educates you on self-care and gives you tips on how to continue the healing process at home. After a few months Joleen fixed my neck and had full recovery. In 2015 I had a second accident I was t-boned by a drunk driver. Not knowing the full extent of my injuries I was referred to a chiropractor and physical therapist with zero help and in fact seem to be getting worse not better. I ended up at Valley Immediate care with extreme pain and asked for a referral to Joleen and an MRI of my shoulder. Once again I found myself back into Joleen's massage table. Awaiting results of my MRI Joleen managed to help keep my pain levels low so I could continue working but the pain would not fully go away. MRI came back that I had a tear in my rotator cuff and needed surgery. Joleen continued to do her magic and prepared me for surgery and it was three months before I could have it done. I was able to continue working because Joleen's knowledge and skills. I had my Surgery and my physical therapist was amazed at my range of motion that I had so soon after surgery I told him Joleen my massage therapist worked very hard on my shoulder so I can have a speedy recovery. Two months after Surgery I was back to work with very little pain. When I was almost done with my Physical therapy I was injured once again when we went to far and I injured the muscles in my shoulder. My physical therapist tried massage, ultra sound with no help. Frustrated and in tears I went back to Joleen with extreme pain and tight muscles from my shoulder going up into my neck causing headaches that lasted 3 months she was able to get down to the core of my problems and fix me. Thank you Joleen you are "The Bomb". Have no hesitation in going to see Joleen she will listen to you and your needs. She will use her knowledge and skills to make you better I have complete faith in her she will do for you what she has done for me so many times.

Lorie K. Grants Pass

I was in a car wreck in 1994 where I sustained a whip lash injury that plagued me for years. It would start as tension in my neck and build to full blown headaches that would just wipe me out. I never knew what a migraine headache felt like, but this had to be similar in the intensity of the pain. I tried physical therapy, a chiropractor, and pain killers. I came to Joleen Smith in 2002 to see if massage therapy would resolve the issue. She took a different approach to my neck injury. Instead of trying to reach the injury from the back of my neck, she addressed the soft tissue through the front of my throat. This involved a delicate touch since she had to maneuver around my voice box to reach the area of pain. While this technique was new and a little scary, it has made all the difference in the world when it comes to my pain. I cannot recommend Joleen enough; she has a gift to heal. My pain and headaches have gone from monthly to just a few times a year. I would continue to visit her if she had not relocated to Grants Pass.

~Marie M, Seattle


I was referred to Joleen in November 06 by a co-worker for an old low back/hamstring injury that was aggravated by an accident. My symptoms included pain and moodiness. Dancing has always been my passion, yet I had been physically unable to dance for years. Upon completion of treatment with Joleen, I am now very active and dancing my heart out—something which I never thought I would be able to do again. Her knowledge of anatomy and deep tissue techniques really makes her stand out in the Grants Pass area.

 Joleen creates a magical environment combined with a positive attitude, healing hands, aromatherapy and an infrared Biomat. I plan on continuing my treatment with Joleen on a maintenance basis as I feel rejuvenated and youthful when I leave her office. I cannot give her name out for referrals enough!

~Bobi S, Grants Pass


I had chronic hip pain for over 10 years. In 2006, I was injured in an automobile accident that left me with intense pain in my lower back and hip. I was referred to Joleen Smith from my Chiropractor. Within a few sessions with Joleen my pain significantly decreased and within a few months of treatment with her the pain that I had before and after the accident was gone. I would recommend anyone in pain to see Joleen.  he helped my body heal quickly without medications, and the results are long lasting.

~Angela N, Grants Pass

In 2001 I suffered from a bad fall which left me with chronic sciatic pain that went down to my feet and numbing and unbearable pain in my hands and forearms. My neurologist at the time said I had carpal tunnel and there was not much he could do about my sciatic. Not convinced I started receiving chiropractic care, NCR (neurocranial restructuring), and massage therapy which included Rolfing. I got little to no relieve from these treatments.
In 2008 I move to Grants Pass and was referred to Joleen. After a few treatments my symptoms decreased and after some months later the pain was gone. I've never had lasting results from any other therapy. Joleen is truly a gifted massage therapist and has the education to back it up. I will continue to use her expertise when needed. I cannot recommend her enough.  
Elizabeth C, Grants Pass 



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